Tixan Ypê Laundry Detergent

Doing the laundry is an activity that requires dedication; that is why we continually search for solutions that make our daily lives easier.

The Tixan Ypê Laundry Detergent lineup was developed with that in mind! With assured quality since its launch and a recognition for its efficiency in the cleaning of clothes, Tixan Ypê offers an excellent cost-effectiveness!

With active enzymes, Tixan Ypê cleans the most stubborn of dirt and leaves a pleasant fragrance that prolongs the sensation of cleanliness! Its phosphate-free formula contributes to environmental preservation!

Powder and Liquid versions count on main types and package sizes, available in different versions.

Tixan Ypê Laundry Detergent leaves your family’s clothes just the way you like them, without paying extra for it!

Tixan Ypê: Powerful as you!