• November 6 1950

    Foundation and beginning of bar soap manufacturing.

    November 6 1950
  • Release of the first extruded semi-translucent glycerin soap.


  • Acquisition of the first extruder for automation of the bar soap’s manufacturing process.


  • 1977

    Opening of the new Ypê Industrial Park.



  • Launch of the liquid dishwasher line with Ypê Neutral.


  • 1990

    Expansion of liquid dishwasher lineup with the versions: Apple, Lime and Coconut.

  • 1990

    Launch of the first fully translucent dishwasher on the Brazilian market: Ypê Clear.

  • 1994

    Launch of the first Ypê liquid laundry detergent.

  • 1998

    Launch of the Ypê Multi Active soap with versions: Soft Floral and Lemon.

  • 1998

    Launch of the powdered laundry detergent YES containing european technology.

  • 1998

    Launch of the Fleur D’Ypê fabric softener containing silk natural protein.

  • 1998

    Launch of Holos soapbar, which contains natural nutrients and is approved by dermatologists.

  • 1999

    Launch of Pinho Ypê disinfectant in four versions: Tradition, Lavender, Lemon and Active.


  • Opening of powdered soap-focused Manufacturing Plant in Salto/SP, and national expansion of the product.

  • Production of Yes powdered laundry detergent and Tixan Spring, containing cutting-edge technology.


  • Acquisition of the Atol brand, as well as its Manufacturing Plant in Simões Filho/BA.


  • Launch of Ypê Easy multi-purpose cleaner in two versions: Fresh and Citrus.

  • Modernization of Fleur D’Ypê lineup of fabric softeners with new packaging.

  • Modernization of Pinho Ypê lineup of disinfectants with new packaging.


  • Launch of the Fleur D’Ypê lineup of soapbars, in four exclusive versions: Moisturizing Milk with Almonds, Moisturizing Milk with Oatmeal, Hydrating Ceramides and Moisturizing Aloe Vera.

  • Relaunch and extension of the Tixan Ypê powdered detergent lineup, adding two new versions: Fresh and Softness.


  • Relaunch of the Holos Soft lineup of soapbars (modernization and concept update), adding four new fragrances: Milk Protein, Silk and Rose Protein, Mallow Extract and Herbs and Honey Milk Extract.

  • Launch of the Fleur D’Ypê Premium soapbars in the Classic and Glamour fragrances.

  • Launch of the new Ypê fabric softener, in the versions: Cosiness, Caring and Tenderness.

  • Launch of the Tixan Maximum Action powdered detergent, with multi-active formula and coconut soap.

  • Extension of the Ypê liquid dishwasher, adding two new versions: Citrus and Guaraná.

  • Launch of the Tixan Ypê liquid laundry detergent, in two versions: Fine and Delicate Clothes and Black and Dark Clothes.


  • Extension of the Ypê liquid dishwasher, adding two new versions: Aloe Vera and Fruty.

  • Launch of the Brilho Ypê steel wool.

  • Launch of the Bak Ypê milky disinfectant lineup.

  • New packaging for the Tixan Ypê powdered laundry detergent.

  • Relaunch of the Pinho Ypê disinfectant lineup.

  • Launch of the Tixan Maximum Action liquid laundry detergent for all types of clothing.

  • Relaunch of the Flor de Ypê Suave soapbar lineup.

  • Launch of the Lustral Ypê furniture polish lineup, in versions: Lavender, Jasmine and Beewax.


  • Launch of the new logo and communication of the company’s positioning (“Taking good care of our home”).

  • Extension and modernization of the Tixan Ypê powdered laundry detergent lineup, adding two versions: Sunflower and Nature.

  • Extension of the Ypê fabric softener lineup, adding two versions: Harmony and Energy.


  • Modernization of labels in the Ypê dishwasher lineup.

  • Launch of the new product identity of Ypê Brilho steel wool.

  • Modernization of the Ypê multi-purpose cleaner, with a new packaging and a lineup extension, adding a new version: Stain Removal.

  • Modernization of Tixan Ypê with new packaging.

  • Launch of the Ypê Premium powdered laundry detergent, a pioneer in the country, containing phosphate-free formula.


  • Extension of the Ypê fabric softener lineup with the launch of versions: Ypê Love and Ypê Intense with exclusive magic capsules.

  • Relaunch of the new Ypê furniture polish lineup.

  • Relaunch of the Tixan Ypê laundry detergent, with a new brand identity and two new versions: White Flowers and Energy of the Sun.

  • Modernization of the Flor de Ypê Suave soapbar lineup, with glycerin formula, in the versions: Beauty, Sensation, Energy, Magic, Freshness and Charm.

  • Modernization of the Flor de Ypê Luxo soapbar lineup, with collagen on its formula, in five versions: Delicate Nutrition, Beauty and Perfume, Energy and Caring, Freshness and Vitality, Seduction and Creaminess.


  • Launch of the Ypê bleach.

  • Launch of the Ypê Action antibacterial soapbar lineup, in the versions: Original, Care and Fresh.

  • Launch of the Ypê Active Chlorine limescale cleaner.

  • Modernization of the label in the Intense version of the Ypê fabric softeners, and the launch of a new version: Ypê Eternal fabric softener with magic capsules.

  • Launch in the multi-purpose cleaner lineup with the Alcohol version.

  • Launch in the dishwasher lineup with the Ypê Antibac version.


  • Modernization of Ypê Brilho steel wool packaging.

  • Modernization of Ypê bar soap lineup packaging and launch of a new version: Antibacterial.

  • Modernization of Bak Ypê and Pinho Ypê packaging and launch of a new Pinho Ypê formulation with a color change effect.

  • Launch within the liquid laundry detergent lineup of Ypê Premium and the new Tixan Ypê.

  • Acquisition of Perfex and Assolan brands and facilities.

  • Modernization of the packaging in the Atol room disinfectant lineup.


  • Opening of the Anápolis/GO facility.

  • Modernization of the Ypê dishwasher lineup packaging.

  • Updated packaging on Ypê Premium and Tixan Ypê liquid laundry detergents.

  • Modernization and expansion of the Ypê concentrated fabric softener lineup, with new labeling, two new versions - Lilac and Yellow - and economic, stand-up pouch packaging on the versions: Blue and Pink.

  • Relaunch of the Ypê Suave and Luxo soapbar lineup, with a new concept and new formulation: Flor de Ypê Suave, in versions: Mistérios da Natureza (purple), Beleza Perfumada (blue), Doce Frescor (green), Segredo das Flores (pink), Tentação Radiante (yellow). Flor de Ypê Luxo, in versions: Beleza (blue), Refrescância (green), Encanto (purple), Sedução (pink), Vitalidade (yellow).

  • Modernization of the Tixan Ypê powdered laundry detergent, with new packaging and the launch of two new versions: Flores e Cores and Flores Radiantes.

  • Launch of a new version of Ypê bar soap with coconut and hints of oat.

  • Launch within the multi-purpose cleaner lineup: antibacterial version.

  • New versions within the Ypê Clear dishwasher lineup: Clear Care and Clear Soft.

  • Modernization in the antibacterial version of Ypê dishwasher.

  • Launch of the first bleach on the market with a 1-year extended expiry date.

  • New Perfex packaging.


  • New Assolan packaging, now with Ypê’s endorsement.

  • Modernization of the Ypê Premium laundry detergent lineup through packaging redesign.

  • Renewal of the furniture polish lineup: new formula that provides even more shine and protection. Launch of the Campestral version. New labeling and packaging that imprint the lineup’s new concept: a cleaning finisher.

  • Modernization of the packaging on the Ypê dishwasher.

  • Modernization of the packaging on the Ypê bleach.

  • Modernization of the packaging on the disinfectant lineup: Bak and Pinho Ypê.

  • Modernization of the packaging on the Ypê multi-purpose cleaner.

  • Ypê Tradicionais fabric softener lineup updated with new labeling, bottles that transit the sensation of softness and new, more intense fragrances.

  • Launch of the Ypê concentrated fabric softener with new bottles and caps, more delicate and adequate to the segment with new fragrances, more modern and adequate for the consumer.


  • Packaging change in the 500ml bottle of Ypê dishwasher in Apple and Lemon versions from PEAD to PET.

  • Launch of the white Perfex cloth.

  • Launch of Tixan Ypê 2kg powdered laundry detergent, as well as 2L and 5L liquid laundry detergent.

  • Modernization of the Tixan Ypê laundry detergent lineup through packaging redesign.

  • Modernization of the fragrances in the Ypê Premium powdered laundry detergent lineup.

  • Launch of the Família Ypê Esquenta a sua Vida promotion


  • Packaging change in the 500ml bottle of Ypê dishwasher in Neutral version from PEAD to PET.

  • Relaunch of the Ypê multi-purpose cleaner lineup with a new concept: Maximum Cleanness.

  • New lineup of traditional Ypê fabric softeners with a fragrance capsule technology (more fragrance for much longer).

  • Lineup of concentrated Ypê fabric softeners with even more fragrance and new labeling that highlights the fragrance power and yield of the product.

  • Communication campaign with the motto “Caring that staaaays” to reinforce the main attribute of traditional and concentrated Ypê fabric softener lineups.

  • Launch of the first exclusively digital campaign for a product category (Ypê multi-purpose cleaner campaign).

  • Launch of the company’s new communication and positioning (Ypê: It’s worth caring).

  • Launch of the Ypê Vale Mais Cuidar promotion.